Diesel Reconditioning

We remove 95% of contaminants – eliminating the need for fuel disposal and cuts costs by over 60%.

Our approach to Diesel Reconditioning is second to none. We deploy vacuum trucks to remove all water before fuel polishing ensuring fuel is as clean as the day it was delivered. Furthermore, we currently have the only mobile fuel laboratory in the east which is deployed to each and every tank. 

We service the most critical facilities in the east including: Insurance Companies, Municipalities, Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, Radio Stations, Telecommunication
companies, to name a few.

On site you can expect the safest and most professional team in the industry. Our systems are built to the strictest standards and are continually cleaned and inspected eliminating cross contamination. More importantly, our process does not disrupt service and is certified by a 3rd party.

All of your test results will be available on the iTank Profile portal for your use.

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