Fuel Polishing Before and After

Drew Fuel Services, provides in house ASTM fuel testing with every fuel polishing service. We test fuel ONLY to ASTM standards ensuring that the fuel meets specific specifications for its intended purpose.

Pictured below are fuel samples that were taken (08/2012) before we performed fuel polishing and after we conducted fuel polishing. As you will clearly see,  the fuel samples are in centrifuge tubes stamped with the ASTM accreditation and the appearance of the fuel is remarkably better.

BEWARE: Most fuel polishing companies, show customers a visual of before and after in a mason jar or other container which is a misconception of the fuel quality due to water, particulate, and sulfur content that can effect the fuel’s color.

Drew Fuel Services, is licensed, insured and our techs are all certified to conduct the work the perform. Call us for a quote today at 888-620-6807 or e-mail customerservice@clean-fuels.mystagingwebsite.com