Fuel Tank Storage Upgrade and Repair

Fuel Tank Storage Upgrade and Repair

Clean Fuels experienced personnel can help your organization upgrade, repair, and maintain your fuel tank storage systems and their related components in keeping with federal, state, and local requirements.


Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles or need the backup of an emergency generator, having dirty fuel could result in heavy fines for your business.


Talk to a specialist today and get a free fuel sample test and a free estimate to clean your tank.

Tank removal and closures

A sample is taken from the bottom of the tank to determine the amount of free water, microbial contamination, and fuel oxidation. Any free water is removed and microbial sludges and slimes are removed in the steps that follow. You will be able to see the extent of contamination with your own eyes.


Installations and upgrades

Dual hoses are inserted into the tank to rest on the bottom of the tank.



And repair of electronic monitoring, and inventory systems and probes.


Fuel filtration

The fuel must be filtered and the storage tank must also be cleaned. The CLEAN FUELS technology can filter the fuel and clean the tank with its all-in-one process then add an algaecide that can retard the growth of any remaining algae and then kill these bugs.


Annual tank and line tightness tests (required for some underground storage systems)

The high pressure causes the fuel to aggressively agitate throughout the tank. This loosens debris clinging to the tank wall and stirs up the other contaminants which are immediately vacuumed through the suction hose for complete filtration.