Minimize Fuel Issues Summer 18


With nearly 35 million people traveling this summer, we thought it would be important to remind vacationers that almost 85% of engine related issues are due to fuel.  Before hitting the road or water, here are a few simple things you can do to minimize these risks:



  1. Fill-up at major brands such as Sunoco, Wawa, or Sheetz. These major companies follow strict guidelines when it comes to fuel quality.
  2. If these brands are unavailable, fill up at gas stations that have the cleanest exteriors. We have found that most independent gas stations or non-branded stations that maintain their exteriors usually take great care of maintaining the fuel and fuel systems.
  3. Use the proper octane rating that is stated on your vehicle. In most cases you can find this on fuel fill door on your vehicle.
  4. Stay away from gas stations that have yellow bags or have closed certain pumps. This could be sign of a fuel issue.
  5. If you are filling up and notice the fuel is pumping extremely slow, stop dispensing and find another gas station. This could be due to a clogged filter.
  6. Do not use additives unless you are 100% sure of the problem you are trying to correct.

Boat Owners

  1. Fill up at reputable marinas, boat yards or gas stations.
  2. 1 teaspoon of water will ruin 1-gallon of gasoline with 10% ethanol. When possible fuel your boat with non-ethanol (Recreation Fuel).
  3. Check fill caps before hitting the water for tightness and make sure that O-rings or gaskets are not degraded.
  4. Diesel starts to degrade in 6 months. If the fuel is older than 6 months have it tested before extended run times.
  5. Gasoline/Ethanol Blends have a short shelf life and, in some cases, could be as little as 60 days. Test your fuel if it’s over 60 days old.
  6. Non-Ethanol gasoline lasts a bit longer than ethanol, however in warm humid climates with temperatures above 80 the shelf life could be as little as 90 days.
  7. Do not use additives unless you are 100% sure of the problem you are trying to correct.