Wet and Dry Pond Maintenance

With numerous pieces of trucks, specialized equipment and personnel Drew Fuel Services has the ability to conduct Wet and Dry pond maintenance and cleaning throughout the eastern seaboard. Currently (3/2017) Drew Fuel Services have over 600 sites under management that utilize wet and dry pond maintenance services.

Drew Fuel Services offers monthly pond maintenance contracts that cover all aspects of pond maintenance. Our services include the following:

  • Monthly: Trash Removal in and around the pond
  • Bi-Annual: Mow grass 25 feet around the pond, outlet channels, inlet channels, upstream slopes, and top of the dam
  • Bi-Annual: Remove vegetation which consists of all trees and wood vegetation from inlet and outlet channels, headwalls, pipes, slopes and within 25 feet of control structures.

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What are wet and dry ponds?

A pond is a type of stormwater management facility designed to collect rainwater and pollutants while preventing downstream flooding. Wet ponds always will have a pool of water and dry ponds will only have water after a storm. Ponds can have many different designs, including ponds with concrete, dry ponds with sand filters and ponds that provide wetland habitats around the edges.

How do ponds work?

Ponds have a dam to hold back the water entering the pond. Most dams are earthen and are grass covered. Almost all stormwater ponds have a control structure that releases water at a slower rate than the storm water entering the pond. While water remains in the pond, pollutants are then able to settle to the bottom.

Why are ponds important?

Ponds play an important part to keep streams and rivers clean, fishable and swimmable by removing pollutants.

Why is it important to keep ponds maintained?

Ponds that are not maintained cause pollutants to streams and rivers, cost more to repair if left unchecked, cause flooding, and could lead to downstream flooding and erosion.